Getting Woke on Global Stock Markets

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Over half a million stock trade on global stock markets. What are the key difference between the exchanges? Here we explain why getting woke on stock markets such as the US, Hong Kong and Singapore will help you over the long term. Explore the different types of companies that exist in each market and how you can best approach investing in them.

  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 3:50 Overview of webinar
  • 5:10 What are the major stock markets?
  • 6:04 US Stock – Big numbers
  • 10:25 Panelist Discussion – Shift in Tech trend
  • 12:21 Panelist Discussion – Favourite US Tech Stock
  • 15:10 Hong Kong Stocks – Gateway to China
  • 23:46 Panelist Discussion – Advice for investing into Hong Kong/China markets for the first time
  • 25:47 Panelist Discussion – Favourite Hong Kong Stock
  • 28:54 Singapore – Buying locally
  • 33:55 Panelist Discussion – Why invest in Singapore market despite challenges faced in 2020
  • 35:34 Panelist Discussion – Top picks
  • 39:35 Seedly’s Personal Finance Festival
  • 40:53 Why is market liquidity important
  • Psychology of Investing lesson
  • Upcoming webinars
  • Q&A Session


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