Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is considered to be a restricted currency, which comes with certain limitations to the tradability of this currency.  Restrictions on the Malaysian Ringgit are imposed by Bank Negara Malaysia, the central bank, and these regulatory requirements have to be adhered to by anyone dealing in MYR.

Your account is already set up to have access and to trade Bursa Exchange.  You can start trading with your existing account(s) as long as they are funded.

Yes, Bursa Exchange stocks must be executed in minimum lot size of 100 shares or multiples of 100 shares. Orders of any other odd-lots sizes will not be able to go through.

Yes, you can. Just drop us an email to inform us that you would like to use Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) to trade in Bursa Exchange. Once your request is approved, we will set up an additional MYR currency account into which you can deposit MYR and start trading.

Go to My Account → Manage Funds → Deposit.

You can deposit funds by Telegraphic Transfer/Local Transfer.

Please note that you have to select the correct Resident or Non-Resident option.  You will also have to upload your successful fund transfer details and the bank reference number.

Funding via a Malaysian bank account is the fastest way for you to deposit MYR into your MYR currency account.

MYR currency account cannot be used to facilitate fund transfers between your accounts, it is not recognised as an account eligible for inter-account transfers.

No, the MYR account cannot be used to trade in any other exchanges.  It is only meant to trade Bursa exchange stocks.

All withdrawal will be credited to the selected verified bank account. To initiate a withdrawal request, My Account → Manage Funds → Withdraw. You are subjected to exchange rate at the time of the transaction if selected bank account is not Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

Note: Settlement of trades takes 2 business days, any withdrawals should be done after the settlement period.

If you are not a Malaysia resident:

Complete the ProsperUs – Securities Transfer Form‘ and email to [email protected]. The reason for the transfer request must be provided in the email.

To facilitate the transfer of shares, refer to ProsperUs – Transfer In Fact Sheet. You are required to inform your counterparty broker of the transfer to facilitate the processing.

If you are a Malaysia resident:

Complete the ‘Transfer of Securities Request’ CDS Form and email the form to [email protected]. The reason for the transfer request must be provided in the email.

You can download the transfer form here.